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Experimental snapshot feedback


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    Microbiomes are not intentional. They are an unavoidable outcome of how terrain generation and biome distribution is newly approached. Besides, they were highly reduced in snapshot 4, to the point where they're not really an issue anymore. Mesas and deserts no longer appear as micro-biomes, so there are no more ugly patches. When it happens it's usually a very small patch of grass that's easy to ignore, or it's a smaller than usual yet nonetheless valid biome. Quirky things like that are very welcome in my opinion, as long as they're rare. With how rare micro-biomes are, I'll most likely go "oh, that's a weird fun thing" rather than "oh my God, I could have used a bigger <insert-biome>".

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    However from what I've seen it does seem Jungles and Badlands are too common. I haven't tried the snapshots though, so it might be random, or just that that's where most people share views because they look unique.