Precipitation Should Be Considered in The Distribution of Biomes


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    1.It should be "humidity" instead of "precipitation", as that makes more sense as the term for what you're describing. For the purpose of simplicity let's refer to this idea with the common term for the described concept throughout the rest of this comment.
    2.Rivers should have an impact on biome types and not just oceans.
    3.Water in colder biomes should have a weaker impact on humidity and water in warmer biomes a stronger one since the humidity from an in-game perspective would come from evaporation.
    4.Humidity should tend to move more away from areas of warmth and more towards areas of cold during world generation as heat is naturally pushed in the direction of least resistance.
    5.Finally "humidity" or "precipitation" should be affected by large obstacles such as mountains where moist air cools down and to an extent is redirected or biomes that are simply cold where once again warm humid air cools down to produce precipitation, otherwise biome distribution will needlessly lose diversity, not make as much sense, and if patched up with simple added randomness make even less sense.