stonetypes should spawn in layers


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    In my opinion this would be great. However, this would require it to be more than just the one update on caves and cliffs, and perhaps into several geologic updates. Functionally it would be good to have three, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Igneous by far has the most representation in game already with the likes of basalt, diorite, granite and andesite. And then sandstone and clay deposits and deepslate (?) as well for sedimentary. Igneous update would include volcanoes, growing mountains, subduction zones and mid-ocean ridges as well as magma plumes (which is how the Hawaiian islands formed) as well as their associated rock types, which depend on many variables, some of which are magma chemistry and rate of cooling. The sedimentary update would have to include events that occur in real time in the minecraft world. Such as, river sediment output growing deltas, spits and other such lacustrine processes, tsunamis, mudflows, earthquakes and just the general natural disasters. As well as associated environmental change, i.e. mangrove swamps being found in deltas for example. This is mainly where you would see stratigraphy, although it can be observed elsewhere. Metamorphic update could include meteorite impacts as well as some rocks that have been metamorphised such as actual slate from clays on the fringes of mangrove swamps (after several million years mind). But yes, there should be overwhelming changes to geology in minecraft because it would vastly improve the game