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Corrupted mushroom islands


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    Here's the rest of the idea sorry it's so long... What the golden mushroom would do is if you were to place it on the ground it would turn any grass dirt or corrupted mycelium into normal mycelium in the area around it and then as long as it's placed down it can continue to turn the corrupted mycelium into normal mycelium and it would turn all the corrupted mushrooms into normal mushrooms and all the corrupted mushroom trees into normal mushroom trees then all you have to do is clear all the evil mushroom baddies but for the mushrooms the gray ones would turn into brown mushrooms and the black ones would turn into red mushrooms thus cleaning up the island and making it a nice and peaceful normal mushroom Island the golden mushroom could also possibly have a second feature while you are holding it it could use Brown and red mushrooms as weapons you would load it up like a bow and then release the button to launch either a brown or a red mushroom since red mushrooms are rarer then brown mushrooms the red mushrooms would have a splash area of damage while the brown mushrooms you'd have to hit something directly with as just a little bit more magic for Minecraft the golden mushroom would also not disappear in light even if it's not placed on mycelium. I also thought as a cool feature since mushroom islands are not able to have mob spawn on them corrupted mushroom islands would have an increased spawn rate of mobs since they are corrupted. Thank you for your time and listening!