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Less Water in the New Caves


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    Yes exactly, I've made 3 worlds and all of them have 0 caves exposed to the overworld, I can't explore or mine on caves because I can't find any!

    Every time I find a hole that leads underground is completely filled with water, so I can't explore or mine underground.
    the only time I was able to find iron was on the really tall mountains, there's many veins of iron exposed to air.

    I've made a world without C&C toggled on and found many interesting and big caves that I was able to explore within the first 1000 blocks, then I toggled C&C on and traveled a few hundred blocks, couldn't find a single cave, just all boring water

    I don't have fun exploring on C&C beta right now, I will wait untill they fix it and we can actually find caves to explore again.

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    I agree I just cant find a cave without water and i think they need to fix this