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Ore blocks being smelted


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    Yes i thougt about excatly the same

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    Also, it could take 8 times the time a normal ore takes to smelt, so it is slightly more time-efficient. (similar to how coal blocks are more fuel-efficient)

    Smelting 64 raw iron blocks would take 8/9 the time of smelting 576 raw iron (same amount, not crafted into blocks) and not require a hopper. Both yielding the same 64 iron blocks.

    Also, one coal would be able to smelt exactly one raw iron block, thus smelting 1 extra iron for one coal or 10 extra iron for 1 coal block. 

    (you still have to mine the ore, it is simply easier to smelt)

    On the other hand, it could take 9 times the normal smelting time, and the only advantage would be you can smelt up to 576 ingots without using a hopper.