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Candles should remain in 1.17


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    Or if they won't put them in 1.17, along with bundles, then they could just combine 1.17 and 1.18 again but release it ALL in the winter as one massive update.

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    You don't really know what the developers want to do with them. They probably have some plan for additional functionalities for them, possibly even related to the Deep Dark. Releasing them now might possibly ruin the plans that they have for them, though I can't really tell. There is definitely some bigger reason for them to delay Candles, and we can't truly judge.

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    There is no point to adding something for the sake of it now when they already now they need to make changes 3 months down the line to have the feature work as intended

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    punctdan commented
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    I heard some rumors about them needing to be functional in Deep Dark. I don't understand why though. There is not even Deep Dark in this update.