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Minecraft Crossover with Minecraft Dungeons


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    I think one way to bring Minecraft Dungeons to Vanilla Minecraft would be to gateways that every so often (so many moons) open to a pocket dimension where large levels/dungeons/structure can be generated without affecting world gen, this would also create a space for more dangerous mobs and treasure loot from Minecraft dungeons without integrating them into the typical overworld for multiplayer servers where you have people just wanting to build or low in the progression process to deal with Dungeons mob threats. The pocket dimension would only be open for 12 in-game days, upon entering a player would hear gongs ringing off how many days are left (and a text notice), also at midnight the gong would sound off to let players know how much longer they have. On Hardcore and Hard failure to leave before the time end means you are tossed to the void, for Normal and Easy you are teleported to the gateway in the overworld. Items left in a dungeon are either lost or become loot for the next generation.