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Ore distribution 21w11a disincentivizes caving


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    A temporary solution to your problem would be altering the Gamma Levels in your Game's Files, but yes, Ore Distribution still needs some tweaking. Diamond Veins should probably be a little bigger and more frequent, and Iron needs to be a little more common as well. 

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    I have noticed that yes, iron is way too hard to find, at least compared to what it was before. I haven't even TRIED to find diamonds yet, but so far at the current distribution, branch mining is pretty much utterly useless. I have mostly only found ores in caves, WHICH is great for exploring, but very annoying.

    One thing I have noticed though is that it DOES make the game harder, which is a welcome change from the overly easy version that it has become. As you say, however, it does seem to take DOWN the incentive to go caving a bit...In a way. In another way, the challenge is fun.