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Revivable pets


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    I think that the pet bed idea has some real merit. Many people playing in survival mode probably won't be able to get a single totem of undying, much less have enough to share between themselves and all their pets.

    The dog or cat could curl up inside a small bed similar to how the fox mob curls up in a little ball.
    The bed could look like a 1 by 1 by 1/2 boat/slab, except the texture of the item would have a colored exterior with white in the inside, almost like a puffy dog bed in real life. It could be crafted with white and colored wool and maybe even feathers. (And the color of the colored wool determines the outside of the bed, but the inside is always white.)

    Here are some ideas for the crafting table grid:
    Three colored wool on the bottom row of the crafting grid, with two more colored wool on the outer two spaces on the middle row. In the center of the middle row can have either a single piece of white wool or a feather.
    Or you could have it be made from 2 colored wool on the outer spaces of the bottom row, with a white wool or a feather in between them.

    Having a bed for your pets makes it so that your pets can still die if you don't have a pet bed (or enough pet beds), but that it is reasonably easy to prevent a pet from fatally dying.

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    How about a craftable collar that you can make by using a totem of undying and 3 string or 1 lead? I feel something like that would be a little more within the range of Minecraft's capabilities when it comes to quality of life upgrades. Another idea I have is the option to feed your pets golden apples and enchanted golden apples. Right now, there's already one pet-like mob that can eat either of those and get their status effects (fox), and any mob can already get potion effects through splash potions. There's even a function for undead mobs to get the opposite of a certain status effect if splashed (potions of healing harm undeads). With all of that in mind, I feel like a function like that would be both convenient and plausible.