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Bats & Vampires 1.17


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    I had it typed so nicely, spaced out and organized.....oh well, now its a blob. Lol

    As far as the breif mention of garlic........perhaps it can be only found in flower fields or very occasionally when you break grass, but you can only find it in the overworld topside. It should have to be cultivated and eaten or crafted into something else consumable or wearable, perhaps a special garlic tipped arrow causing a poision effect on vampires or an temporary immunity from vampire and bat bites.

    Also tamed bats would be able to distract the phantoms or attack as they get within 10 blocks much like they do with the warden. Untamed cave bats will be aggresive if spooked and do not hear the ringing of amethysts.

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    Untamed cave bats may turn into vampires if transported to & attacked in the nether.

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    Impirialix7 commented
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    No, I would hate the Idea of Vampires. I am a bit squeamish and that would completely ruin Minecraft for me.