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Iron and Diamond ore is too hard to find.


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    This is where Java edition users ask for custom worlds back because that was a good feature that was removed for a much more limited and less good version of the same thing...

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    I agree completely.

    I don't understand how this was even considered. Iron or has always been harder to find than it should have been. Why on earth was it DOWNgraded when it should have been UPgraded?

    The change made in 21w10a needs to be reverted. Otherwise, the game is unplayable early on. The concept that this makes leather more valuable early on is laughable. Leather is even harder to come by. If the idea is to make iron armor harder to get is desired, then hit THAT target by changing the villager armorsmiths who practically give away iron armor pieces. See https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/community/posts/360075787692-Armorsmith-Chainmail-vs-Iron-.

    IF this change is kept in the release, it will force me to stop playing Minecraft entirely. I love this game, so I would hate to have that happen. But without buckets, hoppers, and iron tools, the early game is unplayable. This MUST be fixed.

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    I've done some more digging (literally), and I think I understand why they're doing it this way:

    The have expanded the world by sixty-four levels downward and 128 upward. As a result, they had to spread out the distributions of the various ores, probably in an attempt to keep from overloading the world. See https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Java_Edition_1.17 and especially https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/File:21w10a_approximate_ore_distribution.jpg.

    But, they made a huge mistake with iron. Iron now doesn't spawn sufficiently until you get down to level 16, and it only rarely spawns when exposed to air. Iron is just too critical in the early game for this to be viable. Buckets, hoppers, and some iron tools are simply required early on.

    They need to fatten up the range of iron levels towards the top, and totally eliminate the "not next to air" restriction.

    There is one potential saving grace coming: mountains. The distribution picture (see link above) clearly shows plentiful iron up at altitudes above 128, peaking at level 256. Unfortunately, that only will be a factor in Mountain biomes, and those haven't been included in the current snapshot (yet).

    So, my bottom line is that it's an understandable change, but I think they leapt way too far with it. They need to find a way to get this critical resource into the hands of players earlier than it is. It probably won't keep me from playing it, but it certainly has put a damper on my evangelism for the game. And THAT costs them $$$.