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Villager AI Update


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    It would be great if villagers would just pick a bed and work station and then keep them permanently unless they are actually obstructed or destroyed.

    Sometimes, when they have a work station, they go to bed, and the next morning they have to either find a new block or reconnect with the first one. 

    It can be an incredibly frustrating experience to build a village because of these issues. 


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    Yes! I was just about to post a brand new one and saw this existing thread. A villager AI update would be fantastic! As it stands right now any second floor bed villagers have a hard time locating. They tend to stand under the floor staring up at the bed all night long. They don't seem to understand how to navigate stairs and only randomly seem to be able to navigate ladders. This creates so much wasted space in my cities! I build a really cool City with amazing houses and the villagers don't seem to be able to find their way upstairs. And I get tired of providing first floor bedrooms to every house. Villager AI update is sorely needed in my opinion

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    And lets not for get that Villager jumping off cliffs to there death and just flat out go missing for day and weeks at a time. I have taken a normal Village and built it up with more building and house and all. Like said in this post. they cant find there Job Block much less their Beds or the village meeting place (village center/center of town)