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Please read the pinned post on creating new biomes and dimensions. Remember that individual items, mobs, and structures should still go in their own categories - this is not a category for entire updates.


More ruined structures


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    With the upcoming updates, I would propose that the game gets more interesting structures to explore and find. For example one could find a lone broken tower on some tall mountain, an old fort now infested with mobs (e.g: spawners) in a forest, an abandoned farmhouse with some distended fields around it, a nicer/updated mineshaft with a proper entrance, or a natural grove with a pond and some magical feature - which could be explored for brewing or other items- or could be home to some new creature like peaceful plant-lings (or the glare or moobloom); a old mechanical workshop/forge to find a rare copper golem... The ideas are literally endless to making structures, but when it comes to current Overworld building features, there aren't many, and the ones we have are old or repetetive. Having a more "lived in - yet abandoned" feeling for minecraft would make exploration way more interesting, and add to the lore of being the lone survivor who shapes the world to his or her whim.