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Minecraft.net and the feedback section of the website. Don't see your post? Check the links in the pinned post. Thank you! Posts regarding individual posts, bug posts, support issues, update requests, and general gameplay assistance requests will be removed.


More Transparency towards Post Approval/Removal


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    The moderators need to seriously consider this post, it's ridiculous.

    I made a post making sure to follow the guidelines, and there were no posts that came up that were about the same topic—which is surprising bc I thought tons of ppl would of already posted the same thing— I even made sure not to user any pictures or links–and my post was about color palettes, so not using pictures was really difficult– and I spent an hour drafting and redrafting it making sure it was well-thought out, but despite all that it was not even approved for others to see. 

    It's really discouraging I wish the mods would at least say what was wrong, so so many people expressed the same frustrations about the feedback site, it's infamous for this.

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    I agree.

    And I would like a place on this site where you can see your disapproved posts. It feels so off when the post that you have just been working on simply disappears.

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    I agree, and this has also happened to me recently! 

    And I'm suddenly unable to post feedback...

    Which is unfair, considering that I was not informed that they removed my posts...

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    In addition, it needs to be easier to find feedback related to yours...

    I had several posts removed today, because I was not aware of several similar posts (And I checked- or at least, I thought I did... Which is my point; I checked for similar posts, and I couldn't find the ones that were similar...)

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    You are lucky your post even got approved, what with SEVERAL similar complaint posts out there. But I see you have much more explanation about what exactly annoys you, like the long post removal thing. I 100% agree that the site needs a pending approval revamp. I've posted a well suggested post with 0 posts out there with the same idea, and it's "pending approval"...

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    And it is not only about new posts, it is also about comments.

    They say: Dont make a new post, comment to a similar post!

    Me: *trying to do so, thinking about a good, constructive comment that sticks to the topic and gives further suggestions*

    Mojang: "Well yes, but actually no!"

    None of my comments get even approved, and nobody tells me why. And this obviously also happens to others all the time :(