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Copper wiring- potential uses for useful and unique contraptions


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    The fact that the electricity running through wires is not infinite, and must be recharged is an interesting problem to overcome, one that will have many unique solutions. People would set up huge energy storage facilities and power grids with lighting rods, maybe certain biomes like jungles could thunder storm more often, making so that if you want the most energy possible you have to set up massive amounts of infrastructure in these biomes. Maybe the longer energy engorging travels along a wire without going through something like a circuit it looses Charge, so you have to set up these long lines across your world with repeater things along it to get energy.

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    This is a clarifying comment, on the battery. It’s not like batteries we put in remotes in the real world, it’s a block, that in my mind is made of copper, it has connection ports drumming out of it, along with 4 blue bars in the front indicating battery level. This next one is about the repeater, I don’t know if this would even be a thing but if it is, it wouldn’t have to be as close together as red stone repeaters, in my mind they were far apart, and kind of looked like power line poles with a repeater on top

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    I do like this idea but using lightning as an only charging source may not be as efficient. Either new items to be added or solar energy could be used. Daytime sensor would be considered a solar panel and could charge the batteries. Night-time would not of course.