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El inicio


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    Hello, this appears to be a non-English post. Below you will find a transcription of the topic being discussed.  


    Title: “The beginning”  


    Text: “Hello! I come with an idea for Minecraft, which would be a new dimension called "The Beginning" This new dimension would be very similar to the end, and if, if I'm talking about the sky, in this dimension would be found all kinds of animals that would run out as you approached and there would be a big, majestic red dragon that would be flying all over the place, it would be harmless unless you stole their treasure that would be hidden in a mountain , by defeating him this would become harmless and we could assemble it and try to tame it by giving it cod. This would serve to give Minecraft a little more lore, and you could see in achievements: When going to this dimension there would be an achievement that would say "The Home? And by defeating the dragon we would get the achievement "The Beginning of the End" by implying that this would have bad consequences.” 

    - Translated by Admin