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Update bats in 1.17


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    Zaphi Xeus commented
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    I think to craft Bundles you still need 6 Rabbit Hide, and to craft 1 Rabbit Hide you need 4 Bat Hide. This way you don't interfere with the effort needed to obtain Bundles.

    Regarding to use Bat Wings [rare drop] it's not that simple to find a new potion you can brew into, because there are already so much of them

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    Exhonor6468 commented
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    Idea for the bat potion:


    Allows you to see the glowing outline of mobs up to a certain range, even through walls.
    The level of the potion determines how far you can see them. 

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    If you combine bat meat with a bowl and a carrot and eat it, you have a small chance to get an effect called Covid that gives you a greater urge to go outside, you can turn other villagers to zombie villagers, you lose half a heart every minute until you die, and also you can't wear a helmet

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    jflo864 commented
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    Even if it is only bat hides which can also be used to craft bundles, I think this is a good idea to add some drops to bats. The biggest complaint I've seen about bundles (and it makes sense) is how few biomes you can find rabbits in. But you can always find a cave with bats, and they are similarly difficult to chase and kill as rabbits. A lot of people have pointed out that bundles don't seem useful and I've seen Mojang point out it's goal is to be useful in the early game, but if your early game has no deserts nearby (or the other, rarer biomes), then it's only a benefit during the early game sometimes on specific seeds. Bats are everywhere (underground) and therefore with some effort it is always possible to get bundles during the early game if a player wants to.