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Grimstone Textures


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    Please please please keep the textures the way they were before. i love the idea of grimstone but i think it should minable at the same speed. Also, the ore textures?! I- just absolutely not. i love they way the ores look like before. fortnite did the same thing as you are doing with the 21w07a snapshot. they wanted newer things and wanted to shed away the older look of the game. now look at them. i haven't heard a single thing about fortnite since last march. i also have recently been playing on the 21w06a snapshot and i absolutely love it. honestly if you released the official 1.17 that way i wouldn't be mad at all. i think you should just pretend that the 21w07a snapshot never even happened. this is my childhood game and i would hate to see it disappear just like fortnite did. Toodles.