Atualização das cave & cliffs


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    Hello, this appears to be a non-English post. Below you will find a transcription of the topic being discussed.  


    Title: “Cave & cliffs update”  


    Text: “It would be interesting if the developers of mojang insert into the subsoil of the game in this update of the caves and mountains the hydrothermal fountains and the lakes of thermal spring with the particles of steam smoke of hot water as the campfire 🔥does , since in the basement of real life there are gaisers and expel hot water from the subsoil would be good if it had the hydrothermal sources in the subsoil of the mine giving more difficulty to the player since the super hot water would do damage. The same way as the washes but with hot water. Since we cannot ignore that hydrothermal sources and one of the sources of life!!!!!!


    What do you guys think????????????????” 

    - Translated by Admin

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    vc sabe que não tem quase ngm na mojang q fala portugues né? kkk