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Drowneds should drop copper or gold at a time


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    they allready drop gold

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    What Rooveloft means is that in the newest snapshot, the gold drop was replaced by copper. I think that this is a fair change, considering that with the Nether and zombified piglins, gold is very easily obtained. However this means that drowned farms will be nerfed even more on Java (the drop rates are already much lower than on Bedrock), and by changing this, the lore behind the connection between the aquatic mobs and gold wouldn't make much sense anymore. As Rooveloft said, there should be a fair compromise where both ingots have the same chance of dropping, by splitting the percentage. (11% on Bedrock to 5.5% per ingot, and 5.5% on Java to 2.25%). This is also a good opportunity for Mojang to fix the parity between drop rates. 

    Please see this, Mojang, this post is very important.