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More Weather


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    I agree: we barely have any weather in Minecraft. It would be interesting to see a weather state in which damage is done, like if there was a tornado it takes away some of your houses blocks and drops them somewhere else. And you could add fog where the air turns a little bit whiter/grayer and makes it so that you can't really see that well. This could happen after rain or snow. And maybe falling hail, since it's ice, could hurt you? Also for the tornado, it could sweep you away to somewhere else? And maybe having mobs or animals seek shelter whenever there is some kind of snow/rain/tornado/fire/flood etc. 

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    YES! I love weather and would love to see much more interesting weather in Minecraft than just boring basic rain thunder and snow. I want to see fog, high winds that make it difficult to move down wind and maybe even push you when your standing still when gusts of heavy wind hits you, flooding would be cool if doable. Hail would be awesome, maybe it could damage you a little if you don’t have a helmet on or a shield for cover.