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Botón de Crafteo Inmediato para dispositivos mobiles


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    Hello, this appears to be a non-English post. Below you will find a transcription of the topic being discussed.  


    Title: “Immediate Crafting Button for Mobile Devices”  


    Text: “We all know how heavy it is to have to craft large amounts of materials for example, if you need to make your house and pick up many logs it will get very heavy because you will have to craft 4 in 4 now, what I hope is that and I feel that it can help is to put a button on the crafting table interface and in the inventory interface , this button will do the function of sending all the items that can be made with that material, that is if you have 64 wooden logs and with the Instant Crafting button will send all the planks that can be made to your inventory You do not necessarily have to be a button, there can be another alternative for example to keep pressed the item you want to craft , wait for a green bar to fill up and when dragging it to inventory will appear all items that can be crafted This function can be very useful on mobiles and would replace the Shift + Right Click function in java” 

    - Translated by Admin

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    The idea is very good, this will be of great help to everyone and it is good that they want to implement it and it is but that in the future we can have this function

    la idea está muy bien esto será de gran ayuda para todos y esta bien que lo quieran implementar y es pero que en el futuro podamos tener esta función