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Ray Tracing For Xbox Series X|S/PS5.


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    BadEnderbeast commented
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    Great Idea👍 

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    abot01 commented
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    They announced they would but they haven’t done it yet a bit like the super realistic graphics thing they said but didnt do it

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    KIRA5319 commented
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    Give it to us!!!

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    AquaSheep YT commented
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    As well as things like 120fps, higher resolution 4k maybe 8k in a few years if that ever takes off, fidelity fx, directml, all that good stuff.


    Edit: Also they got 'Fabulous Graphics' on Java, they never added it to bedrock.

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    MADLAD3718 commented
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    Minecraft is a bit different from other ray-traced games because it uses full path-tracing for every lighting technique. This means that there are a lot more rays and ray bounces to calculate than other ray traced games such as Spiderman Miles Morales or Cyberpunk 2077. Due to this, the game heavily depends on upscaling to created a playable experience on lower end hardware. Currently AMD's ray acceleration hardware is significantly less powerful than Nvidia's and AMD haven't released anything to compete with DLSS, so a proper implementation of Minecraft RTX on those consoles would probably require AMD to release a DLSS competitor.