A New use for Powdered Snow


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    A cool idea, but why would you want to keep Piglins and Hoglins on the overworld?


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    hoglins may or may not be of use in the overworld, I am not too familiar with the details...however, you can trade with piglins but not when they are zombified. Some people may find it more convenient to trade in the overworld and I believe some creative ideas can spark from this...

    Not forgetting that the atmosphere in the nether and the overworld is different, so builds will have to change to complement the surroundings too, thus this would most likely give rise to new builds and overall improve gameplay...

    As I said earlier I do not know too much of the intricate details of the game so there may be an attack difference for the hoglin and it's zombified variant, thus there may be people preferring to use the hoglin instead if it was possible for things like mini-games or fun traps in multiplayer worlds. This too also would give rise to more creative ideas...