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The Whisperer


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    MaxiMouse88 commented
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    i like mc dungeons, so sure why not.

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    I like all the ideas except the pet one, maybe something else like a stick to lift the Quick-growing-vines to other mobs (for cheats)

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    Roccocomet1 commented
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    Perhaps not taming, or rather a seed or something and planting (and growing?) your own poison quill vines and quick growing vines. You can place many poison quills around your base to protect you from enemies within their range (anything currently hostile at the player). Like dungeons both vines sink into the ground when inactive (the poison quill shows the flower)

    The poison quill vine will have three stages (whisperer vines are always in the final stage) The first stage vines are small, have low health (2 hearts) and are incapable of combat. They grow over time but can be bonemealed (but it uses a LOT of bonemeal). They second stage is bigger but not as tall a player, and have 8 hp (4 hearts). They can shoot but have a short radius and deal minimal damage. The final stage is slightly taller than the player and has 16 hp. 

    The quick growing vines just pop up when someone/thing comes by and gets blocked. Perhaps they could be controlled by redstone? 


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    It's one of my favorite mobs!

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    It's one of my favorite mobs! I like the idea of it growing so it can be different sizes.