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Воздействие на климат


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    Translated from Russian: 

    Climate impact

    The idea is this. What if you make sure that the biomes would gradually change under the influence of the player? For example, the player planted the whole steppe spruce, and the steppe began to turn into a spruce forest, where the mobs of this biome - foxes, wolves - begin to spawn... Under each tree, the color of the grass would change smoothly. Next, the player could create hundreds of snowmen, which leaving a snow trail, would lower the overall temperature of the biome, and in the future instead of rain there would start to snow))). Suppose more. The steppe changed to a warm sea after the player dug a deep, wide hole and filled it with water. The spruce forest turned into a desert after the player burned the forest. At the same time should burn grass and turn into blocks of land, and blocks of land should turn into sand. Or at all, why not create a tool-machine type "Terraformator" using which the player could change the weather conditions in the biome in which he will place the machine?
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    Very interesting idea!