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Layered carpets


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    This would be cool

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    Would this just eventually become a wool block? Would you be able to combine multiple carpets into one block? I assume not, unless they make it so different slabs could be in the same block

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    I was about to post this suggestion.  More colors for carpet would be great too, and perhaps textures like Concrete does.  On that note, Concrete should be able to be different levels the same exact way.  In that sense, you would have five ways to make custom height areas.

    1. Snow is obviously already layered
    2. Concrete Powder layered
    3. Concrete can be solidified at any height of powder, but maybe not layered down itself
    4. Carpet layered
    5. Carpet... compacted?

    I'd also point out this should not get rid of the full-block variants, like Snow Block, Concrete Block, Wool Block, Powder Block.

    I'd also suggest that right-clicking can remove layers from:

    • Snow - Shovel (and shears?)
    • Carpet - Shears
    • Powder - Shovel
    • Concrete - Pickaxe