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Red Maple Forest


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    I like this idea.

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    There's so much you could add to that, though.
    Here's my version of it:


    Maple logs/wood/planks are sturdier than oak logs, meaning they're more blast resistant and take longer to mine, but beware! They burn just as easy as every other type of wood! I'd imagine the outer bark to be like a grey variant of the oak logs and the inside to be white, so even lighter than birch!

    The maple leaves would be redish orange and would create an autumn ambience in the biome they belong to. And just like cherry leaves, they'd have a leaf falling particle effect.


    Another feature I'd like to be in the maple forest is Duff, the maple variant of Pink Petals. So of course is has to resemble red/orange fallen maple leafs.


    And instead of the occasional flower patches, Mushrooms are the way to go in this autumn biome.
    And maybe for a little more diversity: the Shiitake. A mushroom growing up from the side of maple logs specifically.


    There's a great chance you'd find spiders in this biome, since they spawn more regularly here than in other biomes. Other creatures I'd see roaming around in such an area are Rabbits and Bats. But also Allays. We all know we can find them in cages of Outposts, but they deserve a natural habitat.

    And one last thing: a Tap. It's an item made from 3 iron ingots. 2 placed horizontally and 1 diagonally down from there. It can be placed on maple logs and using a bottle on it will get you maple syrup, like honey, but only for consumption, not for making sticky blocks.