different types of geodes


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    A few things, first of all is that I would like to see more gem tools/armor added, and similar to what you have suggested, I do believe that they should give different bonuses. However, I believe that it should be in the form of all tools and armors having more varying stats. Certain gem tools could have higher luck, or initial fortune value, whereas armors could protect more from different sources, such as projectile protection but as a base level. They could even add weight, where different armors slow you down more than others. More importantly however, are they gems you, and everyone, seem to be choosing for geodes. The amethyst geodes added are quartz based, as are most geodes in general. You would not find a ruby geode, a topaz geode, or a sapphire geode. Instead, any new geodes added should be of other quartz based minerals, chalcedony, onyx, citrine, jasper, and so on.