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wool boots


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    Instead of adding 2 new specialized items just for this single use case, why not just add this feature to the existing leather boots? And maybe make the boots not entirely silent, but just significantly quieter, so you still have to be careful have fast you move, but you won't trigger the sculk sensor or warden until you're closer than usual.

    Also, I'm not sure I understand what the "warmth" thing is about. What would "warmth" even do, and why?

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    Rogue238saved commented
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    I like it, but... I would make them bunny slippers.  They should not provide an antidote to freezing, but instead make it harder for skulk sensors and Wardens to hear you.  Plus, they would look adorable and come in all the different colors of wool.  They should not provide any armor and have very low durability.