Warden's Omen


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    I think it would be a bit excessive to actually punish players for killing it. A way to keep the intended gameplay intact while giving the players a means to defeat it and a reward for doing so would be to make the Wardens themselves immune to damage and instead spawn a "warden heart" block for each which they patrol around. You would have to sneak around the warden to search for their heart, which when destroyed would kill/disable the Warden, while also giving you the reward of the heart itself.   

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    Looking to the idea again I think the effects mentioned could be a little too much but the idea remains. Possibly the effects could be depending on difficulty.
    The Warden heart idea I also think is tempting, but then you must think why should a player look for the heart and kill it other than just killing the beast. Doesnt this contradict the idea of "we dont want the player to kill the warden"?
    Then again my idea around the "How did we get here?" achievement should not be added.
    Here's another idea about the Warden heart, what if it simply stuns the Warden?

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    Ok. Ok. Ok.