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Make it will let multiple Minecraft accounts on the same microsoft account.


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    I agree. If users hold multiple MC accounts, it's more difficult to manage them all on separate Microsoft accounts.


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    godlamma123 commented
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    I can’t even use different Microsoft accounts

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    I agree, but if someone who owns multiple accounts gets banned from a specific server, they shouldn't be allowed/able to circumvent that ban using their alt accounts.

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    VoidStone7057 commented
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    This is a really important feature!

    I, as a plugin developer, would otherwize need to have multiple microsoft accounts, wich defeats the purpose of migrating to a microsoft account in the first place!

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    entereloaded commented
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    What's the idea behind inducing people to create tons of spam microsoft accounts, when the alternative would mean more knowledge and structure about people's game usage?

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    I don't know why but I have two accounts on here under the same email and I have no idea

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    Melly Dow commented
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    I disagree as this further complicates the issue of migration, 2FA, Parent to child accounts, emails & how will bans work? It is already easy to circumvent server bans (Not account / Moderation MSA account bans) on Bedrock, Java it is easy due to alt shops plaguing servers. I would hope that you only get 1 per account to encourage users to not engage in this behavior, hacking or not. The cheating problem only gets worse as this can get all accounts associated with that email / MSA banned if one bad actor in the family (in the case of a family chain account) banned because they didn't know any better.

    Please keep it simple as parents already struggle to grasp things like 2FA, let alone associated accounts, alts, and having to moderate their children's play sessions.