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Add the ability to create servers in the Minecraft menu


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    Poog5064 commented
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    Maybe it's a side option to realms, and instead of needing an invite, you will need a code or a server address. With that, more customizable options for the "server"

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    Hosting a server isn't as easy as this suggestion makes it sound - it is definitely difficult and a lot of people struggle with it. 

    Besides Realms basically covering what this suggestion is, the biggest issue would be that Minecraft doesn't have the ability to Port Forward for you, so specifically "Row 5" wouldn't work out. There's tons of good resources on how to start servers on the internet, and the Spigot and PaperMC communities have a plethora of information how to do so successfully. 

    It would be interesting to see this kind of functionality added to the vanilla server.jar to allow for easier setups. 

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    Ronak533 commented
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