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A Solution to Your Modding API Woes


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    The new design should be pretty straightforward:

    • Use the C programming language (as mentioned in the post). You'll obtain portable and efficient code that doesn't under-utilize the hardware (as long as you use it right), otherwise you suffer the overhead of the JVM or the long compile times of C++ (amongst a plethora of problems there); on top of that, emulating function pointers in Java introduces significant overhead.
    • Make a generic, modular voxel engine and implement Minecraft on top of it. If there is to be a Modding API, the engine must be fundamentally modular.
    • These should be obvious, but: data objects are not Objects. Structs are not classes. Pointers are not references. Functions are not methods. Memory and devices, etc. are not "resources" (as Bjarne Stroustrup calls these things). Garbage collection is a significant burden for the programmer and the user as a black box that cannot be touched, only reconfigured, for better or for worse.