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Villagers that sell fireworks


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    You could have them sell fire works and the higher the level of the villager the more fireworks he can sell you


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    That sounds like a phenomenal idea! If it were a new villager type, I could imagine that it could sell fireworks, bottles o' enchanting, turtle shells, and other eccentric items. Perhaps they would be a rare merchant type who's sizable house has an incredibly small chance of spawning in a village. I also imagine the merchant would be expensive to trade with, and would not have a workstation so a player could not assign another villager to be a merchant. 

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    like this idea. why not add some special fireworks that can only trade from villagers?

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    We should have a fireworks villager that works at a fireworks table, which is a more advanced way to craft fireworks. Here's what the fireworks villager can trade:


    • 24 paper for 1 emerald
    • 7 gunpowder for 1 emerald
    • 32 feathers for 1 emerald


    • 16 of any random dye for 1 emerald
    • 24 gold nuggets for 1 emerald
    • 9 emeralds for 3 randomly colored random-lasting single-star firework rocket


    • 4 phantom membranes for 1 emerald
    • 1 TNT for 1 emerald
    • 1 emerald for 1 glowstone dust


    • 12-32 emeralds for 1 crossbow with 1 randomly colored random-lasting 1-3 star firework rocket (price depends on amount of stars in the rocket)
    • 3 fire charges for 1 emerald
    • 1 diamond for 1 emerald


    • 8 emeralds for 1 randomly-colored firework star