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Improved Beaches


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    Nice! And how about some beach mobs and some seashells to go with it? If only this stuff was added in 1.13.

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    Gravel beaches is a bug that every block in this bug is gravel even the void

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    I think they should make beaches their own biome officially rather than just the edge of other biomes that touch water. Like make long beaches with crabs, shells, seagulls, tropical bushes, palm trees, coconuts, brush on the ground, driftwood, etc.. It would be nice to see tropical areas that resemble Florida or Hawaii beaches. Maybe even beach villages or shacks with a villager variation of fishers. Perhaps the sand under the water doesn’t drop so suddenly like current beach biomes but rather extend into the water for shallow water. Sunken ships could be here too as like they ran into a sandbar. Parrots could also be here with the seagulls. A new variation of wood with leaves to mimic tropical plants and flowers. The water could be similar to the warm water biomes.