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Amethyst Enchanting


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    maybe instead of adding an extra slot, you can simply use amethyst instead of lapis, and when using amethyst you get higher level enchantments, similar to how gold equipment gets better enchantments than other materials. This way you have a really good incentive for finding the amethyst geodes to farm, because they are really good at improving your enchantments before you have access to enchanted books

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    JustKiwikiwi commented
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    yes! as crystals are offend use in magic, I was thinking using the smiting table to combine the shard with weapons, armor, and tools so when enchanting, it will act like gold tools and give better enchantments.

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    I was thinking about using shards as an easier way to upgrade enchantment books.

    For example: Combining Efficiency II with a shard in an anvil to create Efficiency III with the cost of a few levels.

    Maybe if you get lucky the shard will also add an additional enchantment to the book also.