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Update the Java render engine


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    I do agree that the rendering engine on java edition could use some changes, but I believe that the opposite of what you said is true - that Minecraft doesn't use enough GPU power.

    The reason that the bedrock edition of the game runs so smoothly is that it offloads a lot of rendering tasks to the GPU, so it's less taxing on the CPU. The java edition makes the CPU do a lot of the work that the GPU does on the bedrock edition, which likely why you can run more graphically detailed games but struggle to run Minecraft in some cases. As a result, it works great on powerful CPUs and integrated graphics, but in more complex scenes, systems with weaker CPUs will struggle regardless of what graphics card is being used. If Minecraft were able to offload more of the rendering to the GPU, it would probably improve performance.

    The other issue with just using render dragon for java edition is that it would probably break a lot of resource packs, since it handles UV and texture mapping differently.

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    I think they should update to vulkan rather than Direct3D. Since Vulkan is an advanced version of OpenGL.
    This could lead to some cool stuff like having Vulkan Ray tracing on java.