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skulk sensor distracts warden


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    that wouldnt make since. that how it sees. the vibrations from the shulk sensors go to the warden. because he controls them or is a product of them

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    The problem with this idea is that it would create infinite looping. The skulk sensor would hear the sound of the warden walking, and give a signal which would attract the warden, triggering the sensor again. To remedy this, skulk sensors should not be able to hear wardens. In that case, the skulk sensors would be triggered by players, so the warden will run in the direction of both player and skulk sensor.

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    GuiTaek commented
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    I think, it doesn't fit into the purpose of Mojang. The developer said, they want to let them be "avoidable but you have to be very careful". With this suggestion, you could just place a sculk sensor and walk away.