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The Extreme Deep Ocean


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    WitherReflex commented
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    Sound cool, it would be interesting if they do add a hostile mob, perhaps a mutant squid or fish that would make it challenging, since the ocean lack on hostile mobs.. 

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    This would be an excellent place for the new glow squid! I think this would provide an amazing opportunity for some new sea creatures that only inhabit the deepest depths of the ocean. 

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    DocProc7551 commented
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    This would be awesome, although since it’s the Cave Update this should be a new cave biome that always generates underwater, found deep in the underground (or under deep ocean biomes). Maybe Giant Tube Worms could generate here?

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    Landenizhere commented
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    I would absolutely love to see an ocean based cave biome!!  Maybe it could have all sorts of new coral and aquatic plants!!

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    This biome should also be home to MOB A from the 2017 mob vote