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Minecraft has a lot of blocks, but what if they had more? Why do we need them? Please don't just add lists of things - these will be marked as spam and removed! Also, no furniture, guns, or vertical/"sideways"/"upright"/"standing" slabs (yes, we see you).


Better copper corosion


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    Gavinisdad commented
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    Should make it if you put it in a furnace it should go back 1 stage until you get back to the base state

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    LimeLeaf2804 commented
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    Putting it in furnace every time would be rather time consuming for big build bulders. Perhaps a solution with similar to glazed terracota would be more feasible. Perhaps cooking them would make them permanently new, or some crafting recipe including the new crystals, which would make more sense for players to seek the crystal locations.

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    ngeier17 commented
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    Perhaps there's an item we can use on a placed copper block/stair/slab that preserves it in its current state—perhaps beewax, giving a new use for honeycombs! It shouldn't be a super expensive resource, since copper's probably already fairly tricky to get in bulk, so something renewable would be ideal by my reckoning!

    I think waxing the copper makes a lot of sense. It's close to what we'd do in real life, but simplified, Minecraft-style. Wax the copper once and it will remain in whatever state it's currently in permanently.

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    Potat3211 commented
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    i think there should be a number of solutions. one of them might be to combine honeycomb in the recipe like someone else said. but another might be that it stops oxidizing if the skylight level is below 7. so if you are making an underground build you don't have to worry too much about honeycomb since its quite an obscure item (also maybe have a recipe for "waxed copper block" for easier access in bulk)

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    Binger Torben commented
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    The copper roofs MUST take more time to change color

    (I counted the nights and it took about 16 Minecraft days / 5 hours, in reality it takes either 4-6 years / 1460-2190 days (sea air), 5-8 years / 1825-2920 days (big city), 8 - 12 years / 2920-4380 days (small town) or 30-40 years / 10950-14600 days (mountain air).

    that would be far too long, of course, but 5 hours is far too little to describe a Meincraft world as "old".

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    mmaismma commented
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    In real life, we keep some sort of anhydrous near metals to stop it from corroding. The anhydrous soaks all the water in the atmosphere and thus prevents rusting. Sponge blocks have very similar functionality in Minecraft. They soak water. The idea is that if there is a sponge block, preferably dry ones, in a 10 or so block radius of a copper block or its variants, the block will not corrode further.

    This idea does not require any new block or item to be added to the game. It also fulfills the need to stop corrosion at a specific state. It is also permanent (until you remove the sponge block) and thus is superior to brushing the block again and again and smelting the block again and again.

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    GruveXp commented
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    They added waxing in 20w45a