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Cave Update - Bat Caverns


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    I'm a big fan of giving the bats a purpose, but I think it would be better if they did more beneficial things. Perhaps they could drop Gunpowder to reference guano, or attack any arthropod Mobs that try to hurt you? I'd love a bat biome, I just hope they're shown in a good, positive light. 

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    AMWild commented
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    Have the bats come out at dusk and eat any homeless bees, and come back at dawn. During the day, each floor block has a chance to gain a partial block of guano, which is able to be broken down into bone meal.

    In plains biomes, have vampire bats land near and attack stationary animals and people for 1/2 heart damage.

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    Zathrox commented
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    I was going to make a similar post, so I've upvoted this one! 

    A couple of minor differences I'd go with would be improved AI, which is similar to the turtles/Villagers where they save a "home" spot on the ceiling to return too and at set intervals the bats would be flying about the cave and then all slowly go sleep, maybe synced to the day/night cycle. This would create a really cool atmosphere view when the time swaps, plus it could also be a functional mechanic to tell if its day/night inside the caves as the bats will sleep in the day!

    Then when the bats sleep, they would create a guano layer on the first solid block below, similar to a "snow" or "moss" layer. This would be a lag and server friendly alternative to it than having items like an "egg" spawn and could be used to create interesting guano farms!