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Switch to turn Political Slogans off in Parental Control

under review


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    What???? A game that tells my kid that minorities are people and deserve respect????????? Not on my watch >:((((((((( /s

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    Ugin ug commented
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    This is a necessity.

    I just recently discovered that mojang added political slogans, silently, with no notification or changelog. Suddenly i got a political message on the start screen.

    I have a 6yo son, i don't want any of the games he plays to shove a slogan of a political group in his face.

    Keep your politics out of the game.

    At best, undo that change and just remove them. It just gives you bad PR anyway, to voice your support just when they are in the news for murder.

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    ZackwellDYEL commented
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    I agree with this. Minecraft is a childrens' game, and one that's used as an educational tool. I have a 9-year-old who likes to play. Not only is political sloganeering (what many would call propaganda--and rightfully so) in educational materials illegal, it's reprehensible and devoid of moral integrity when shoe-horned into view of children. Regardless of your political leanings or opinions, you have no right to step on a parent's toes by trying to teach kids political lessons in which they have no interest or involvement.

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    Ladin Sarun commented
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    "Black lives matter!" is a political movement that i.e. wants to abolish police.

    Politics don't belong into a game that children play.

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    Unig a commented
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    Please no political messages in a game for children, thank you very much.

    I don't understand why those got added in the first place.

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    Unig a commented
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    Black lifes matter! adds got added to the splash texts just  few days ago
    this is not what this is about
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    eh h commented
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    "but but its' not political we just want x y and z"


    just because you support it doesn't mean it's not political 

    for the BLM related messages that aren't excplicitely BLM like "be anti-racist" they still shouldn't be there because of highly implied politicization

    also it's silly, imagine if we had messages saying "murder is bad" WOW good job. you shouldn't be trying to intimidate people into joining a movement by pressuring the assumption that they think something bad is good just because they disagree with you

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    Black lives matter is not a political slogan. It is a statement of fact - Black lives do matter. It is a statement bring made at a time when many, many people can see societal problems that result in black lives mattering less than others.

    I would get behind banning slogans supporting specific candidates, political parties, or ballot questions, but that is not what this feedback vote is really about. This feedback vote is about the a slogan meaning that we should also in interested in the value of the lives of black people. Far from being inappropriate for children, it is a concept that is important for everyone.

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    Pi Fisher commented
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    Keep it in.  People who feel the need to shelter their children and pretend that racism doesn't exist anymore can get a simple mod for the launcher to change the splash text.

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    SlightStank commented
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    BLM isn't a slogan or an organization, it's simply a fact. As someone who's played this game for a good chunk of my life I'm glad to see they added the splash text. Instead of getting mad about the inclusion, how about you use it as a chance to talk to your kids about it. If this was about any candidates campaign slogans being included then I could understand the need to keep it out of the game, but it's just a statement of fact.

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    Sachari commented
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    Keep politics out of Minecraft

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    TheCutestGuy commented
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    The following comments prove that anti-intellectual slogans that reward a lack of research & herd mentality have a negative impact on children:

    "What???? A game that tells my kid that minorities are people and deserve respect????????? Not on my watch >:((( /s"

    "If you don't agree with "Black Lives Matter", don't play Minecraft. It's as simple as that."

    et al. This is the extent of their grossly oversimplified knowledge of the terrorist organization BLM. These impressionable children have been fooled into judging a book by its cover. They think that a positive label ("lives matter!") automatically makes the label-bearer morally good. Their comments demonstrate how easy it is to radicalize & mislead children - and adults who refuse to do any research - into supporting organizations that control others through fear, violence, and misinformation.

    Where were the splashes when BLM members kidnapped and tortured an autistic person on a livestream for over 4 hours, for being white?

    Or when BLM members say "white lives don't matter," "abolish whiteness," & preach violence against others daily?

    Or when BLM harassed a random Asian man *on their side*, then said, "You all look alike," "If you didn't want us to harass you, you shouldn'ta been out here lookin' all Asian an' sh*t," and, "I think you're doin' that [looking Asian] intentionally"?

    Or when BLM gangs attack people in the streets literally every single day on video in Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere in the US?

    Etc, etc. Character limit.

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    iverstaylot00 commented
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    Would love to see this gone. Not against blm or anything. I just don't want politics in the game I go to escape from everything else. Simple as that