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Castle in villages kingdom in villages


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    Please vote for villagers

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    This idea has a lot of potential, but should be explained better . since villagers can't defend themselves maybe add a new mob called the castle guard . or some Knight. Those iron golems are tough but they can't fit in certain places that the illager mobs can reach. Also what type of loot would you get from these castles ? Would the king trade with you or give you some cool reward for defending his Kingdom? Maybe an effect that grants you the respect of his Kingdom, or better yet he'll knight you and make you in charge of his army . kingdom craft lol . 👍

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    What if they war defender villager they would have shelds and swords the armor is base on how big the village is and if they have a Smith if they don't then they don't get aromor or iron tools and for the bigger villages they have a stone wall for the smaller one wooden and a Miner