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piglin sieges towards fortresses


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    PvEMaster178 commented
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    The Piglins in sieges should also fight Blaze's and they should have some Piglin Brutes.

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    PoppyBowl360 commented
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    I love this idea! I mean imagine finding a nether fortress being attacked by an army of Piglins and Piglins brutes. Perhaps they could have a ruined nether fortress structure that indicates it has already been seiged and destroyed just to add a bit more lore


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    I've wanted this idea ever since it was stated in the change log that piglins attack wither skeletons. Because why not ? They're already at war so mind as well make it more like there's a war going on rather than have them just bumping into each other in some biome. Or better yet now that wither skeletons attack back maybe have them raid bastions.