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Fortune III book is more available from the librarians


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    PinkYoshiFan commented
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    Just combine two fortune II books on an anvil

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    TripleG8782 commented
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    you got unlucky big f

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    I believe the type and level of enchanted books sold by librarians are randomly (and evenly) generated, so this would require a special modification for Fortune III alone. I don't think this is likely to materialize. If you're not already, keep replacing the lectern; in my anecdotal experience it's quite common.

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    Drakonite56 commented
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    I really need this personally me and my friends, 5 of us spent hours grinding to get a fortune III book from five different viallgers and gave up, then I tried to get my sharpness V book due to stress of trying to get my stupid fortune, and got it almost instantly, after I wasted all my levels trying to get fortune three (wasted, I didn't get it) but finally got it via end bust, I either have the worst luck in the world or its impossible,

    btw its easy to get fortune III on iron picks usually I was trying to get my diamond pick fortuned out

    and the problem with getting fortune II is that that is hard to get also, and the whole books are generate evenly is silly because you can always get lower base trades such as protection II and sharpness III, but not high lvl base trades or random necessities such as aqua affinity, depth strider three, sharpness five, any fortune, and even sil touch!