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Villagers should zombify in the Nether


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    ItsTinay commented
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    It's not logical, why don't players zombify then?

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    Drakonite56 commented
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    I thought this would be a bad idea at first, but what lunatic would transport viallgers in the nether, ghasts would just kill them, unless they add wither skeletons agro to villagers, cuz that would help with wither skeleton farms, but they should just make sither skeletons agro to wither skeletons, it would be cool because it would seem like the wither skeletons finally have learned that piglin hate them

    But I mainly want this for easier zombie doctoring a hate trying to get the perfect zombie for the job when I could just zombie them in the nether, I also think they shouldn't keep zombifying if the leave the nether incase you change your mind, the also should keep name tags when they transform so that you can put of the resurrection for later

    and players shouldnt zombify cuz players literally resurrect and fight dragons, summon nether deities to fight for fun and can move mountains with ease using and efficiency V Diamond pick and Diamond shovel and a haste to beacon

    They also leave and create worlds when they like, and can change them selves to literal gods just by changing there game rule, viallgers cant do that, atleast im pretty sure the cant, hmm... maybe villager toy with the player instead players toying with the villager! Oh No! /kill @e quick, wait a minute, I can just do that, once again players are basically gods