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Piglins eat porkchops in their inventory if their health is low


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    Ultra Gamer64 commented
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    It would be great if they visually hold it in there offhand and consume it after 32 ticks (1.6 seconds) similar to players.

    May also apply to Golden carrots and Golden apple but considering they are greedy, maybe not.

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    it makes sense and it would be cool to see it in the game

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    Ultra Gamer64 i think the notion that they are greedy creatures is misguided. ever consider they're hoarding gold because they want to make netherite?

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    Drakonite56 commented
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    That would be so hard to program but would change Minecraft for the better, I like it

    But they should also make villager eat breed or whatever food is in there inventory, and mole people should eat whatever, mob provides a food source in this new cave update.