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Remove Rabbit Meat


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    Rabbit is a real food.  It's no different than killing a cow and eating steak or using the leather.  If your kid wants to have jump boost without killing a rabbit then they could make a beacon.  How you play is up to you.  You could be vegan in the game if you want.  Honestly, more animals should be made into food sources.  Turtle stew is a thing.  Some cultures eat bats, cats, bugs, and dogs.  Bear meat is a thing.  And even though dolphin is not typically a food source, desperate times can call for desperate measures.  Why don't we have these?  It's because some of these animals are protected species.  Rabbits are not protected, but are in fact an animal that becomes over populated quickly.  Just like deer or turkey it is sometimes important to diminish the population so the rest can thrive.

    I'm sorry that killing rabbits for food upsets you.  I'm curious why killing anything else doesn't upset you just as much, after all you get mutton from horses, but I can pretty much guarantee that rabbits as food will not be removed from the game. 

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    Alright. I get it. Rabbit Food is in real life, but ive heard people eat steak and porkchop in real life. And use leather. One of my main concerns with this is that the texture of rabbits in minecraft look like cute little bunnies that kids see in the park. Ive heard the poem

    “Roses are red, so is raw steak, its a block game, for god sake”. That is true, but the 10+ rating is not enforced. I hope this explains why this has 4 follows and 1 upvote (me)


    Also, Mojang said they dont support animal cruelty and dont want to promote it, thats the main reason i made this post. Watch ibxtoycat’s video on it

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    There is no reason to remove this. IMO, this post should be deleted.